In Fryslân is bij meerdere inwoners het coronavirus vastgesteld. Bekijk onze coronaviruspagina voor meer informatie.

Coronavirus COVID-19

It is important that everyone takes measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Below you can read which measures you can take.

It's always important to follow the next measures:

For more information about the coronavirus you can check the website of the RIVM.

Latest update

Update: 5th of April (12.00 PM): Going outside today? Take precautions!

Going outside today?

Today is also a beautiful day. How do you leave the house responsibly? Below we list the information:

• Colds or fever (38 degrees)? Stay at home!
• Not having a cold? Not having a fever? Only go outside if necessary. Shop for groceries on your own and go out with up to three people for a walk or a breath of fresh air. Do you see that it is busy where you want to walk? Then choose another place or go home.
• Keep 1.5 meters away from others (2 arm lengths). Everywhere. So also on the street, in the supermarket and in the park.
These rules also apply to water, so keep your distance there.

Detailed information can be found at the website of the Government.

Also watch this video in which you can see how we only control the corona virus together (Dutch).

The current situation in Fryslân

For the current situation about positively tested patients with the coronavirus, please visit the website of GGD Fryslân.

Update: 4st of April 2020 (12.00 PM): Extra care capacity for corona patients in Fryslân

In Fryslân, the care institutions have now realized 150 extra beds for corona patients and another 150 beds are in preparation. This means that there is currently sufficient care capacity in Fryslân. If necessary, the Frisian crisis organization can set up an extra corona center in Fryslân, together with the care partners, with the necessary staffing and resources. An additional corona center is currently not required.

Realized extra care capacity

A great care demand is also expected in Fryslân due to the corona crisis. In addition, healthcare personnel and doctors can also drop out. The Frisian care institutions have therefore already realized extra care capacity in Fryslân and are working on even more beds, staff and resources. Patients with the coronavirus can be nursed in different locations if they cannot receive the correct care at home but do not need to go to a hospital. In temporary corona centers, patients can receive nursing and medical support. In addition, there are special corona units in existing nursing homes, disabled and mental healthcare institutions. For end-of-life care, patients can go to a hospice. Seriously ill patients are cared for in the hospital.

Patients in nursing and care homes

Residents of nursing and care homes where the coronavirus is diagnosed are cared for as much as possible in their own home. Within the homes, special corona units have been set up for this purpose, in which patients can be cared for separately from the other residents. This reduces the chance that more residents will get the virus. In order to prevent further spread, it also remains important that all nursing homes and small-scale housing for the elderly remain closed to visitors. A measure that is very difficult for the residents and their neighbors, but very necessary in the interest of good care.

Extra corona center

Should the extra realized care capacity in Fryslân also become full, an extra care center can be deployed for patients with the coronavirus. This allows the necessary care to be provided in Fryslân. An additional corona center is not currently required in Fryslân: there is sufficient space for corona patients.

Care partners

In Fryslân, Groningen and Drenthe, hospitals, the ROAZ (Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain), the RONAZ (Regional Consultation Non Acute Care), the nursing and home care institutions, care homes, doctor's guards, general practitioners, GGZ, GGDs and safety regions work together to ensure sufficient care capacity in the Northern Netherlands. On a daily basis, they jointly examine the current and expected care needs and how they can be met.

Testing of vulnerable people and healthcare personnel

GGD Fryslân and the parties that are closely involved in this, have built up all facilities to test more people from Monday 6 April. In addition to the hospital staff, employees, clients and residents of nursing homes and care homes are also tested. The new test policy also focuses on healthcare workers and their vulnerable clients in disabled institutions, at home care, employees of youth care and mental health care. GPs and their employees are also tested. In short: the testing focuses on the vulnerable people and the professionals who take care of them.

The current situation in Fryslân

For the current situation about positively tested patients with the coronavirus, please visit the website of GGD Fryslân.

Update: 3st of April 2020 (2.45 PM): Mayors of the Wadden Islands for the coming weeks: stay at home as much as possible. And what does the crisis organization look like in Fryslân

Wadden Islands

The mayors of the Wadden Islands call on everyone to stay at home as much as possible in the coming weeks and not to go to the Wadden Islands. There is no ban on traveling to the islands, but under these special circumstances the mayors appeal to the personal responsibility of people who want to come to the islands. On the islands, the national guidelines are complied with, which is why the conditions are now not favorable for a pleasant stay. All catering is closed, museums and activities have been shut down and joint travel on the boat is not recommended. In addition: when cases of illness are reported, the medical facilities on the islands are extra heavily burdened.

For more information, please visit the municipal and tourist information websites of the Wadden Islands:

Nice weather this weekend, but stay at home!

According to the predictions, the weather will be good this weekend. Then the temptation is big to go out. But the call also still applies: stay at home if this is possible, everywhere in Fryslân! Enjoy the sun in the garden and on the balcony. Only in this way can we get corona under control, together!

What does the crisis organization in Fryslân look like?

Many Frisian crisis organisations work together behind the scenes, to limit the further spread and consequences of the coronavirus, and to inform the inhabitants of Fryslân as well as possible. From doctors to mayors and from operators to municipal employees, they all do their work. In the coming weeks we will show what all these people are doing everyday!

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Questions and answers

What is the difference with a lockdown and the current situation, given the stricter measures?

A lockdown is a very drastic measure that fortunately is not necessary at the moment. During a lockdown, both social and economic life comes to a standstill and the freedom of movement of all residents is limited. For more information, visit the website of Rijksoverheid.

The advice is to keep sufficient distance. But what exactly does this mean for our daily life?

You can go outside, do your groceries or walk the dog, but keep 1.5 meters (two arm lengths) away from each other whenever possible.

Can I still use public transport?

Yes, it is possible to use public transport. Public transport continues to operate and the stations are also open. Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: colds, sore throat, cough, and fever. In addition, the guidelines of the RIVM also apply in public transport:

Do you already have health problems? In that case, avoid public transport. If you urgently need to go somewhere, ask for help in your area or travel by taxi. Keep an eye on the website of Rijksoverheid for more information.

I have already booked a trip. Can this continue?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken) advises you not to travel abroad in the coming period, unless absolutely necessary. Holiday trips are therefore not recommended and from now on all countries will have at least an orange advise colour, which means: necessary travel only. This is not because of health aspects, but because of the impact that government measures can have on Dutch travelers. Read the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the website of Rijksoverheid.

I am an entrepreneur and have some questions. Where can I ask these questions?

For questions about the corona virus, entrepreneurs can visit the website of Rijksoverheid. Entrepreneurs report to their lender for the extended credit schemes. Entrepreneurs can turn to the Belastingdienst Zakelijk for tax measures. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) has set up a Coronal des, KVK Coronaloket, for specific entrepreneurial questions. Is the answer to your question not here? Then call the KVK-team for advise on 0800 - 2117.

What are the long-term economic consequences?

The coronavirus outbreak has a major impact on the global, European and Dutch economies. Right now it is not possible to predict with certainty what this long-term impact will be. This depends on the speed with which the coronavirus comes under control in the Netherlands and abroad. For more information, visit the website of Rijksoverheid.

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What can you do?

People all around the Netherlands are being advised to work from home as much as you can, or spread your work times. Additionaly: stay at home whenever you have symptoms such as a cold, coughing, pain in your throat or fever. Dim your social contacts. Call your GP whenever your symptoms worsen.

It's always important to follow the measures:

Do you have a cold, cough, sore throat or fever?
Stay home, get sick and make sure you don't infect others. So keep your distance from other people. You don't have to call the doctor. Your complaints are mild.

Do you have serious complaints?
  • Like a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and you cough or breathe hard?

Then you can call the doctor. If the complaints are determined with COVID-19, you will no longer be tested as standard.

Do you have questions about the coronavirus?

Do you have any questions about the coronavirus? View the frequently asked questions and answers on the RIVM website or call the national information number 0800-1351.

Do you have questions about your own health? Call your doctor or GGD Fryslân on the phone number 088 22 99 333. We are available every working day from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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